A great freehorror game. Can you escape alive?


  • Polished graphics
  • Good scares
  • Atmospheric


  • Movement is too fast


Erie is a horror game set in 1966. You have been asked to investigate an incident at a power generator. There was some kind of meltdown, and you have to find out what exactly caused it, and save any survivors.

Like Slender, Erie gives you objects you have to find while exploring. However, Erie is a much bigger game, and is visually more advanced. While you're investigating you can use a spray can to mark places you've been. And you're not alone.

Erie has a raft of scares, and makes excellent use of sound effects. The first person gameplay is pretty simple; your tasks in the game are nothing new. But throughout the experience, the atmosphere is chilling, and the shocks keep coming. I found the movement was a little too fast to be convincing, but there's a great blur effect when you run, which gives the game a great sense of panic. And the chances are that you will be panicking when you run!

It might not have the big budget of Dead Space, or the creepy legend of Slender, but Erie is still a great looking and scary game, and highly recommended for horror fans

User reviews about Erie

  • by Anonymous

    good cud have been better.
    as a student project this was fairly a good game polished graphics and good use of so...   More

  • by Anonymous

    scary awesome download nowwww.
    pissed my pants?brilliant game so creepy and i like the feature where you can spr...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Lagged and didn't load many of the graphics. Not to Scary.
    Lagged and didn't load many of the graphics. The game...   More